Try the new tuna salad at Delicias de la Tierra

January is all about the New Year, and so the theme of the month is “New Year, New You.” What better way to start 2018 than by eating healthier? However, among working, exercising, and life, one may not have the time to cook a delicious but healthy meal. However, the experts at Delicias de la Tierra have got you covered.


This month, the latest addition to the menu is a delicious tuna salad. It is comprised of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, cheese, onion, and drizzled with a teriyaki and olive oil vinaigrette. Of course, the star of the dish is the titular tuna, and it is certainly not just boring old fish. The tuna is lightly seared, and is marinated to perfection, perfectly enveloping the dish in a complementing cocoon of flavor. Within the salad itself is also the popular and delicious spinach dip that has become a fan favorite in the restaurant.


“When you see the plate, it is fairly balanced and complete. It has its portions of vegetables and protein,” says Chef Jimenez. “Even people who don’t like to eat raw fish, they get a different taste with the sear. Both customers and ourselves sometimes get tired of chicken and turkey, so it can become kind of monotonous, so opting for seafood opens up the possibilities to new tastes,” Jimenez adds.


The tuna salad is a great dinner or lunch option, and as with every dish on the menu, you can indulge without guilt as it is designed to be nutritious and low in calories. Some great choices to accompany the dish would be some of the various natural fruit waters made fresh daily. Try their refreshing pineapple and mint water, or play it safe with some always-satisfying lemonade. You can even order the salad with chicken for those who don’t favor seafood, or without the protein in case you’re trying to go meatless. Come on over, take a seat, enjoy the live music, and have nice light meal to start 2018 off right.