Tips on eating and making the best snacks

By Fernanda Alvardo


All anyone wants on a hot summer day is something to cool off with. Whether it is chasing down the paletero or making some lemonade, we can all benefit from something cool and refreshing. Cooking and creating go hand in hand. It helps to boost our energy, eases our minds, and gives us a reward after all the planning, prepping, and hard work that is put into the kitchen.

Adults and children alike can benefit from spending time in the kitchen. Children are in it for the sweets. Whether it be an ice pop or an ice cold glass of an agua fresca, there are lots of terrific reasons for kids to spend time in the kitchen, besides the fact that it can be so much fun and rewarding.

Here at DeLaredo, we want to offer you, our readers, different ideas so that your summer can be filled with fun under the sun!

Whether you’re looking for an easy meal that kids can help you make, a fun project to keep them busy on those summer afternoons when they’re bored, or even an “edible art” activity that doubles as a snack before dinner. Let their creativity shine and get in on the fun!

How about trying a fresh veggies and fruits variation of Ants on a Log?

Summer is the season for fresh fruits and vegetables to abound in gardens everywhere. Remember Ants on a Log…one of those absolutely classic recipes for kids? There are different variations of this recipe you can do to take it to a whole new level of creativity and fun! Lay out a spread of veggie sticks and sliced fresh fruits and an array of cream cheese, cottage cheese, peanut butter, or greek yogurt, The sky’s the limit with how many combinations you can come up with. Let your kids’ imaginations go wild! Add some nuts, seeds, and dried up cranberries to change the game up a bit. Your kids won’t regret it, and you won’t either!

Celebrating a summer birthday? Having a cookout? Try making fruit kabobs for fun, fresh snacks! Fruit kabobs are your ticket to becoming the hostess with the mostest. Apart from being the easiest possible dishes, fruit kabobs are like fruit salads on a stick! All you need are some cookie cutters in fun shapes like stars and flowers, a small vase or an apple to serve as a base, and a few of those bamboo kabob skewers you can purchase for just a buck or two at pretty much any supermarket. And of course! We cannot forget the fruit! You can buy watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries; really, whatever looks good at the market. Then just stack them and you’re good to go. Easy as pie!

S’mores are a classic campfire treat that has been modified and remodeled time and time again.

There is almost no person on earth that hasn’t tried a s’more. This classic campfire treat has been modified and remodeled time and time again. Summer is hot and sometimes camping is not convenient so we bring you Chocolate Hazelnut S’mores. All you need are graham crackers, chocolate hazelnut spread, and marshmallow cream. In the words of Ham from The Sandlot, “First you take the graham. You stick the chocolate on the graham. Then, you roast the mallow. When the mallow’s flaming, you stick it on the chocolate. Then you cover it with the other end. Then, you stuff.”

Treat yourself and your kids to these delicious snacks. Spend time in the kitchen and get creative with your ingredients. Use your local farmer’s market or community garden to gather up fresh ingredients. You won’t regret trying out these treats, trust us!

Traveling Texas and loving every minute of it!

By Fernanda Alvarado

John Mayer said it best, “A little bit of summer’s what the whole year is all about!” We start off the year ready to take life by the horns. We go full speed in trying to make our resolutions happen and becoming better versions of ourselves. By the time we know it, we are exhausting every drop of energy we may have left. Thank goodness for summer!

These two to three months are a Godsend for both children and adults. Students get to take a break from school and all those state-mandated tests. College students can breathe and maybe work a little to make some extra money for those summer concerts. And adults can breathe easy knowing that vacation time is not far off.

Laredo is a good city to spend vacation time on, but thankfully we live in the great state of Texas. Where you can find anything and everything under the sun! We want you to enjoy a great Texas vacation without spending an arm and a leg! These options are not only budget-friendly, they offer a chance to enjoy a whole bunch of fun under the sun in the great Lone Star State.

Let’s start off with the weirdest city of them all, Austin. Our state capitol, or as it is also known “Live Music Capital of the World!” Austin is chock full of outdoor adventures. If you’re the hiking type, take your family on a walk around Lady Bird Lake and the lush Fiesta Gardens or enjoy swimming at Barton Springs Pool. But if you like things a little more cultured, you can view gems and fossils at the Texas Memorial Museum. You can even take your family on a tour of the grand state capitol building for free. Lastly, you cannot miss witnessing the largest urban bat colony in the U.S. take flight from under the Congress Avenue Bridge.

San Antonio’s most famous site, The Alamo.

Second on our list is San Antonio. We couldn’t miss this classic destination for quick getaways. San Antonio is filled with family-friendly spots where most are cheap or free and most importantly, fun. In fact, there’s no charge at all to visit the city’s most famous site, The Alamo, where you’ll get a fascinating glimpse at the place where in 1836 an epic 13-day siege occurred during the Texas Revolution. Then just a short hop and skip away is the iconic Riverwalk. You can take a narrated boat cruise for only $10 a person (with significant discounts for children and seniors), where you’ll glide underneath arched bridges that might make you think you’re in Venice, Italy. In fact, you can even visit the spot where Jennifer Lopez filmed a scene for the movie Selena.  Be sure to check out Market Square or El Mercado as it’s also known – the Mexican market hosts vendors that sell handcrafted items, fresh produce


other goods at minimal prices, and also features a 24-hour Mexican bakery. While taking in the 360-degree view of the city from the Tower of the Americas is a must, avoid paying the steep charge to visit the observation by heading to the bar just one level below. You’ll get the same views, for just the price of a drink or an appetizer. #SummerHacks

If you’re looking for a beach vibe this summer, there are two options Texas has available to you. The first is south of Laredo and was named one of America’s best beaches for families by the Travel Channel. South Padre Island is infamous for Spring Break but what many don’t know is that this small resort town offers a whole lot more than spring breakers. South Padre Island is perfect for a cheap vacation packed with what’s sure to be unforgettable memories. Travelers on a tight budget will appreciate the nearly endless options for inexpensive accommodations, from campgrounds with RV hookups to family motels, many of which can be found right along the shore. Beach equals sunshine and tanning, but in addition to that, time can be spent collecting brightly colored shells or you can take a walk along the Laguna Madre Nature Trail to catch a glimpse of exotic birds and even alligators.

From Brownsville to Houston to El Paso to Dallas, Texas is as diverse as they come. Enjoy a summer full of fun and inexpensive adventures. Take the time to explore everything the Lone Star State has to offer!”

About six hours north of Laredo, Galveston beach is the gift that keeps on giving. Galveston is home to multiple museums, and many have a very low admission price, like the Texas Seaport Museum, the Galveston Railroad Museum, Tall Ship Elissa, and Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast and the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum. The island is best known for its 32-mile sandy beach, Seawall Beach, that includes the longest continuous sidewalk in the nation, which means there is lots of room for free beach fun. Stroll along the seawall or enjoy a game of beach volleyball. Play in the sand and surf, or build sandcastles. Galveston Island offers a whole bunch of inexpensive fun and cheap dining and accommodations.

Galveston is known for its 32-mile sandy beach, Seawall Beach.

Texas is a treasure that not many consider when thinking of vacationing. There are multiple parks, hiking trails, lakes, and the best part of Texas is its diverse landscape. There will always be something for someone. It is a great family state with the best border town in the nation, Laredo. We spoke about four options for vacations, but this summer, consider spending family time all over the state and experience everything Texas has to offer. Because after all, “the stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas!”

Andrew Lincoln, Rick in The Walking Dead, will leave the series in its ninth season. According to Deadline, the actor has already informed the producers of his decision to leave the zombie series. Lincoln has played Rick Grimes, the protagonist of the television show, since its inception. The way in which his exit will take place has not yet been decided, according to Deadline. It seems that the actor will be present only in six episodes of the new season, although his departure could occur at the finale of the season that is currently in production phase in Atlanta (Georgia). Neither the television chain nor the actor have spoken yet about his departure.

The departure of Lincoln is not the only change that the series will suffer in the next episodes.

The exit of Andrew Lincoln will mean big changes in The Walking Dead. One of them would be a greater role of Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, could make up to 20 million dollars, thus becoming the protagonist of the series.

Rick’s farewell will not be the only one that will occur in the next season of The Walking Dead. Actress Lauren Cohan, Maggie in the show, will star in Whiskey Cavalier, at the beginning of 2019, after her negotiations with AMC to improve her contract did not come to fruition. The actress will appear only in six chapters of the next installment.

In the eighth season, the followers of the series already lived the dramatic farewell of another of the characters that had been in the show since its inception. Carl, Rick’s son (played by Chandler Riggs), died after being bitten by a zombie. Despite these unexpected twists, the series has not managed to overcome the loss of spectators it has been suffering in recent seasons. The end of the eighth installment was followed by 7.9 million viewers live in the United States, well below the 11.3 million who watched the season seven finale.

The departures of Lincoln and Cohan will not be the only changes that the series will suffer in the next episodes, which will feature a new showrunner, Angela Kang, who takes over from Scott Gimple, now in charge of the contents of the universe of the franchise, which includes The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and any other project that expands the world created by Robert Kirkman.

Ant-Man and the Wasp will be released on July 6.

Marvel Studios and Disney published yesterday the latest teaser trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp, the twentieth film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will premiere on July 6, 2018. The film stars Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Peña, Bobby Cannavale, T.I. Harris, David Dastmalchian, Judy Greer, Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer, Laurence Fishburne, Hannah John-Kamen, Randall Park and Walton Goggins.

Ant-Man and the Wasp is directed by Peyton Reed, who was also in charge of the first Ant-Man movie, with a script written by Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers, Paul Rudd, Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari.

In the new teaser trailer we’re shown more action, learn more details of the new suits and their respective roles, as well as the participation of the villain Ghost, Hannah John-Kamen.

According to Scott Lang (Ant-Man), “if you want to do something right, you make a list”, while reviewing the steps that he and The Wasp should follow in this mission: first, they have to team up, second, they must fight against Ghost, who has the power to do intangible; three, they must track down Ghost, and finally, they have to save the world, “that’s major, we can’t forget that”.

It is important to highlight that the events presented in Ant-Man and the Wasp happen between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, so this film will not show what happened after the end of the latter.

The Google Arts and Culture app launched “Faces of Frida”, the largest collection of Frida Kahlo artifacts for free.

The Google Arts & Culture platform presented on Wednesday its first collection of retrospective art that users can access through the Internet, summarizing the work of one of the most representative Latin American artists of the twentieth century: Frida Kahlo.

For Google, Kahlo was an artist “capable of writing her own story and challenging the social paradigms that prevailed during the era in which she lived”, so they decided to include it in this digitalization project dedicated to the most representative artistic pieces in the world.

The virtual collection consists of more than 800 pieces, which includes around 700 files with photos, letters, and portraits, 20 ultra-high resolution images, 5 virtual tours with Street View, as well as several Virtual Reality experiences; The project was developed with the support of 33 partner museums in 7 countries.

Among the pieces are some private collections such as View of New York, created in 1932 by Kahlo while watching the city through the window of the Barbizon Plaza Hotel, as well as some versions of the first works of Frida.

If you want to visit the digital experience Faces of Frida visit or download the app on either iOS or Android to learn more about the many faces of Frida.


The philanthropist and American businessman Bill Gates published a list of his favorite books for the summer holidays of 2018. It is a yearly tradition that he started in 2013.

“I’ve read some terrific books lately. When I pulled together this list of five that you might enjoy this summer, I realized that several of my choices wrestle with big questions. What makes a genius tick? Why do bad things happen to good people? Where does humanity come from, and where are we headed?” says Gates in his blog.

Despite these big questions, the Microsoft co-founder says his recommendations are “pretty fun to read.”

The founder of Microsoft carries out this tradition since 2013.

Leonardo da Vinci (by Walter Isaacson), 2017: The author of this book, who wrote the biographies of Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs, tells the life and work of the famous painter through scientific research. “I think Leonardo was one of the most fascinating people ever. Although today he’s best known as a painter, Leonardo had an absurdly wide range of interests, from human anatomy to the theater,” says Gates.

Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I’ve Loved (by Kate Bowler), 2018: The author of this book tells about her search for answers after she was diagnosed with cancer. “Is it a test of her character? The result is a heartbreaking, surprisingly funny memoir about faith and coming to grips with your own mortality,” says the philanthropist.

Lincoln in the Bardo (by George Saunders), 2017: “I thought I knew everything I needed to know about Abraham Lincoln, but this novel made me rethink parts of his life. It blends historical facts from the Civil War with fantastical elements—it’s basically a long conversation among 166 ghosts, including Lincoln’s deceased son,” Gates says in his blog.

Origin Story: A Big History of Everything (by David Christian), 2018: “David created my favorite course of all time, Big History. It tells the story of the universe from the big bang to today’s complex societies, weaving together insights and evidence from various disciplines into a single narrative. If you haven’t taken Big History yet, Origin Story is a great introduction. If you have, it’s a great refresher,” says Microsoft’s co-founder.

Factfulness (by Hans Rosling, with Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Ronnlund), 2018: “I’ve been recommending this book since the day it came out. Hans, the brilliant global-health lecturer who died last year, gives you a breakthrough way of understanding basic truths about the world—how life is getting better, and where the world still needs to improve. And he weaves in unforgettable anecdotes from his life. It’s a fitting final word from a brilliant man, and one of the best books I’ve ever read,” Gates said.

Dua Lipa performing before Real Madrid vs Liverpool.

This year the 22-year-old from London will open the show in Kiev.

Every year the UEFA Champions League Final sees two of Europe’s biggest teams go head to head in the biggest match in the domestic football calendar and 2018 is no different. Liverpool and Real Madrid have had plenty of success in Europe in the past and will both be looking to add some silverware to their trophy cabinet.

But as much as we’re loving the football, we’re also excited to see Dua Lipa perform ahead of the game!

I was honoured to be asked by UEFA and Pepsi to perform at the ‘UEFA Champions League final opening ceremony’ – it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity”.


What will she be performing at the Champions League Final?

The ‘New Rules’ singer remained tight lipped ahead of her performance, but given the fact that she’s got plenty of HUGE songs under her belt already, we’re expecting to hear the likes of ‘IDGAF’, ‘New Rules’ or maybe even her recent collaboration with DJ superstar Calvin Harris ‘One Kiss’.