The Google Arts and Culture app launched “Faces of Frida”, the largest collection of Frida Kahlo artifacts for free.

The Google Arts & Culture platform presented on Wednesday its first collection of retrospective art that users can access through the Internet, summarizing the work of one of the most representative Latin American artists of the twentieth century: Frida Kahlo.

For Google, Kahlo was an artist “capable of writing her own story and challenging the social paradigms that prevailed during the era in which she lived”, so they decided to include it in this digitalization project dedicated to the most representative artistic pieces in the world.

The virtual collection consists of more than 800 pieces, which includes around 700 files with photos, letters, and portraits, 20 ultra-high resolution images, 5 virtual tours with Street View, as well as several Virtual Reality experiences; The project was developed with the support of 33 partner museums in 7 countries.

Among the pieces are some private collections such as View of New York, created in 1932 by Kahlo while watching the city through the window of the Barbizon Plaza Hotel, as well as some versions of the first works of Frida.

If you want to visit the digital experience Faces of Frida visit or download the app on either iOS or Android to learn more about the many faces of Frida.


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