Andrew Lincoln, Rick in The Walking Dead, will leave the series in its ninth season. According to Deadline, the actor has already informed the producers of his decision to leave the zombie series. Lincoln has played Rick Grimes, the protagonist of the television show, since its inception. The way in which his exit will take place has not yet been decided, according to Deadline. It seems that the actor will be present only in six episodes of the new season, although his departure could occur at the finale of the season that is currently in production phase in Atlanta (Georgia). Neither the television chain nor the actor have spoken yet about his departure.

The departure of Lincoln is not the only change that the series will suffer in the next episodes.

The exit of Andrew Lincoln will mean big changes in The Walking Dead. One of them would be a greater role of Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, could make up to 20 million dollars, thus becoming the protagonist of the series.

Rick’s farewell will not be the only one that will occur in the next season of The Walking Dead. Actress Lauren Cohan, Maggie in the show, will star in Whiskey Cavalier, at the beginning of 2019, after her negotiations with AMC to improve her contract did not come to fruition. The actress will appear only in six chapters of the next installment.

In the eighth season, the followers of the series already lived the dramatic farewell of another of the characters that had been in the show since its inception. Carl, Rick’s son (played by Chandler Riggs), died after being bitten by a zombie. Despite these unexpected twists, the series has not managed to overcome the loss of spectators it has been suffering in recent seasons. The end of the eighth installment was followed by 7.9 million viewers live in the United States, well below the 11.3 million who watched the season seven finale.

The departures of Lincoln and Cohan will not be the only changes that the series will suffer in the next episodes, which will feature a new showrunner, Angela Kang, who takes over from Scott Gimple, now in charge of the contents of the universe of the franchise, which includes The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and any other project that expands the world created by Robert Kirkman.

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