by Fernanda Alvarado

To the strong willed individuals who stuck to their resolutions we say, “Congratulations! You can enjoy this season without guilt!” To the ones that love food a bit more than most we say, “Don’t worry! There is a swimsuit for every style, shape, or form!”

The summer 2018 swimwear trends cover every possible aspect and personality that could want to make a splash at the pool or at the beach. Thank goodness! The options for this season’s swimwear trends include one and two pieces with imaginative styling. The rise of the one piece is in full force as well, and each of the designs is stunning with options to flatter everyone. From sunbathers to surfers and models to the more modest, the summer 2018 swimwear trends strategically cover it all.



Swimsuits with Tassels
Tassels are cuter than ever. You’ll stand out from the crowd with a bathing suit decorated with yarn tassels. They became more chic and feminine. Some bathing suits can even be accentuated with accessories and jewelry.

One-Piece Swimsuits
You can never go wrong with a classing one-piece bathing suit. However, this season spruce things up a bit. Add a touch of oomph to your suit and think plunging necklines, which are one of the best summer 2018 swimwear trends to go for!

Clever, funny and sarcastic prints are showing up on cover-ups, two pieces, and one pieces. A play on words here and there has shown that it is not just for a cute T-shirt. Off Duty Mermaid, and Bae Watch are popular options.up for a quick bite are out and about as well.

High-Waisted Two Pieces
The high waist trend has been building steam and gaining ground more reliably for the past few years than any other. Maybe it’s the flattering way our hips flair or our tummies are tucked but this trend is cute on anyone.

So, pack up your swimsuit, put on those sunglasses, and drive towards the sunset. This summer is sure to be one filled with memories and laughter and with our tips you’ll be a statement all on your own! Happy swimming, readers!

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