by Oscar Castillo

Laredo is well-known to be an ever-busy city. In the midst of the urban jungle, it is nice to find a sanctuary to remind us of home. Whether traveling in the Laredo area, or simply in the midst of a home transition, hotels are a welcome bed in which to let worries melt away. However, with so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose where to spend your nights (and hard-earned money). One of the leading providers in excellent hotel service is Red Roof Inn.

Scott Halket is general manager at the Calton Road location of Red Roof. Having prior worked at a Dallas location, he came to Laredo in March of 2016, helping provide quality service to guests at the hotel, and wise leadership for his team. “Laredo is an interesting market,” he states. “With the proximity to the border and the multicultural aspect, it’s an interesting and challenging market to work with.” The Red Roof Inn receives guests from all over Mexico and the US on a daily basis. He expresses that his team highly encompasses values such as hospitality skills, caring about people, putting others before themselves, intelligence, compassion, commitment, bilingualism, responsibility, and punctuality.

“Our success has to do with the team that we have, which provide seamless service,” he adds. “It is a synthesis of caring and sympathetic staff, rates that are affordable, taking care not to forget about local as well as our incoming populations and styles of guests, and providing them all with an excellent experience.” Of course, another great aspect of this particular Red Roof is, as Halket adequately stated, “Location, location, location.” Being right in the center of the most popular areas in town, it is a great option for any occasion whether it be shopping or exploring the city.

Of course, what sets this location high on our charts is its utmost dedication for customer service. “Customer service means treating guests like they’re in your own home,” he continues. “Not treating them like a customer, but treating them like a guest. Anticipating their needs, and providing a seamless service before they even think of it.” An incredible feature that Red Roof counts with is its pet-friendly nature, which allows one to bring along their furry friends on trips. It is a delight to be pampered in the spacious rooms, or even to take a dip in the hotel’s glistening pool. Certainly a great option for an escape.

“We love to provide great service,” Halket states. “You need a cab? You need a restaurant to go to? You need directions on how to get someplace? Let us know. We’re here to serve you and treat you like you are family.” Contending to be not only Laredo’s best but also the region, Red Roof on Calton is worth it.

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