By Oscar Castillo

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery treatments have become as common as going shopping. The stigma on these procedures has slowly lifted as other options exist apart from full on plastic surgery, reconstruction, or anything involving a scalpel. Technology has allowed us to harness the power of lasers, sound waves, and even temperature to abet in cosmetic treatments. Classical facelift techniques apply the gravitational concept, that is they assume that skin tissue becomes loose due to gravity. Wide dissections are performed with large scars that distort the hairline and give a rigid, unnatural facial appearance. If the facial tissues are already aging, excessive dissection and traction harms them even more.

Much tissue in one’s face tends to sag and deteriorate with time, but rather than cut or trim it, many may use what is called the Volumetric Concept. This facelift technique performs a very conservative detachment and avoids tissue atrophy. It allows fat grafting with cells from the patient’s own fat tissue, which is rich in stem cells and undergoes different processing methods depending on the area to be injected: macrofat, microfat, SNIF, emulsion, and nanofat. Comprehensive rejuvenation must solve the gravitational problem but must be conservative to avoid the signs associated with old facelift techniques. It must also be volumetric in order to remodel and rejuvenate facial tissue.

Within this process, an incision is created behind the ear, stopping before the hairline. This means that the final scar is minimal and completely hidden within natural ear folds. Skin dissection in the cheek is also limited to the area above the parotid gland, stopping before the cheekbone. In the neck, a moderate dissection and liposuction with thin, flat 2 mm cannulas is performed, joining these areas to the subcutaneous dissection of the cheek and thus obtaining an excellent jawline definition. This makes use of SMAS (Superficial Muscle Aponeurotic System) flap technique. In contrast to traditional facelift techniques, with SMAS there is not a complete dissection.

The key to effective cosmetic surgery is subtlety. Anything with large scarring or long recovery times can indeed be intimidating. However, finding the right treatment for you is key to attaining the results you desire. Of course, before any and all procedures, it is important to contact a physician to ensure optimal health conditions are met in order to avoid any complications or allergic reactions. The experts at Contour Center are prepared to meet your every need and set up a treatment fitting of each personal background. Set up your appointment today.


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