By Yeradi Armenta

I would like to start my first collaboration with this great and local magazine by briefly defining what fashion is about. For breaking down this word and better understanding it, we would consider its Spanish and Italian counterpart “moda.” This word derives from French “mode” and Latin “modus” which means “mode” or “measurement” relating to a set of clothing, accessories, or ornaments chosen based on personal taste and traditions and used during a predetermined period or season. It is important to know that there are many versatile pieces of clothing that can be worn for longer than they were originally intended, even though they might be out of style.

Like Marc Jacobs once said, “Life is a Fashion Show and the World is your Runway.” This quote is on point for this season. Summer is finally here, and its fashion is all about the colorful and stamped clothing, crayola colors, bold colors, royal and imperial theme prints, floral prints, multi-color and variety buttons in skirts and dresses, and all this is in general a full-fledged fashion trend. This is the right season to wear simply anything! As the saying goes in Spanish, “Cuelgate hasta el molcajete.” During this season, nothing is considered out of orbit. Quite the contrary, the more loaded the outfit, the better.

When it comes to popular accessories this summer season, one of the main trends consists of wearing beach accessories even though one may not be necessarily found at a beach location. This is the so-called “Beach Trend.” A clear example of this trend is the use of net bags in a more refined or chic version. The key is in the mix-and-match of materials such as wood handles, colorful resins, and either genuine or faux leather bodies. Another example of this beach and bohemian trend is the famous knit rope bucket, rattan woven round bags, wicker and straw bags either plain or hand-painted, bamboo bags, all sorts of hats such as the Panama hat, fedora hat, wide-brim straw floppy hat, etc. The trick is knowing how to incorporate the accessory into the outfit!

Talking about earrings, we can also appreciate the hoops in alternative materials, the classic circular earrings but with a twist. Now they come in wood or acrylic colors; any material works, if it is not the typical metal. There are also the earrings of geometric figures or very retro drawings, I could say that this last one is a very fun and Japanese trend. Any baroque oversized earring in the store you need to have it this season, shapes from stars, crosses, to flamingos, and toucans full of rhinestones or acrylic.

Something that will seem very eclectic to some of you is the PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) trend. It is everywhere! PVC is also known as PLASTIC and this season it’s all about this material. In the past seasons, they began to appear in the Street style, until their presence inside our wardrobe became inevitable. Examples of this as a trendy accessory are the hip belts, shoes, clothing as coats and bags. During the summer, shoes, are worn in an open version; in mules or sandals. The much-acclaimed PVC or Clear Bags are a hit in Street style. You can play a little with the things you keep inside and add a touch of color. Let’s blame on Celine and Chanel that were the brands that brought back this trend that marked the 70’s.

Another fashion accessory that cannot be missing from our outfit are sunglasses. This season, the trendiest are heart-shaped sunnies, oversized bow sunnies, bow tie sunnies, cat-eye sunnies, oval wide sunnies, triangle sunnies, and the butterfly sunnies.

Finally, we will also find women wearing socks with their shoes. YES, as you read it right. Lirica Matoshi has been able to reinvent the look of the socks so that beyond being just an element of comfort or need, they can also be a fashion and trend element. Their fine designs will make you want to wear them with sandals this summer.

There are many hot accessories and amazing trends for this summer, I would never finish, and I do not want to bore you. These are just some of my favorites to make this summer the trendiest without a doubt. All these accessories are rocking the street style! See you in the next edition dear readers!

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