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KEEP CALM and… Wear Animal Prints! Take a Walk on the Wild Side

by Yeradi Armenta

Animal prints never lose their spots or station in Fashion


In my world, animal prints are a color, I’ve never met an animal print I didn’t love. If you haven’t already noticed, your wardrobe is about to have a wild moment. Our favorite print is back for this fall, along with a few other wild ones. From leopard and snake prints to zebra and tiger stripes, animal spots are about to dominate all our fall/winter wardrobes, there is no scaping the multitude of animal-inspired patterns.The key to wearing animal print is all in the silhouette, avoid miniskirts or dresses, as anything too short or tight. An animal print coat will elevate an all-black outfit or dress up jeans. Flowing silk skirts and dresses that fall just below the knee are both easy to wear, pair anything mid-calf or longer with black or white ankle boots, and anything shorter with an over the knee pair boots. A leopard print blouse, tucked into skirts, black trousers or jeans, is also a good option. Of course, it’s not only black that you can wear with animal print. Depending on the shade, animal print can act almost as a neutral in your wardrobe. Muted brown versions will work with denim, shades of burgundy, navy, mustard, orange and khaki. For something a little bolder, animal print and neon colors are a brilliant combination. Below you can find some inspiration on the coolest ways to wear animal print garments and look chic and fabulous! 

Photos by:
Ernesto Alonso
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