Healthy and Delicious? Only at Las Delicias De La Tierra

by Oscar Castillo

The holiday season is once again upon us, and during these times, we may often forget that pesky diet and go all out when it comes to food. Especially here on the border, we sure do love our grub, although it may leave us feeling a bit guilty once the new year kicks in. With an ever-rising trend in fitness lifestyles, we may want to think twice before indulging in our favorite treats. Nevertheless, as the city grows, so do our options when it comes to eateries. Just over a year ago, Delicias De La Tierra opened its doors to Laredo, giving us a taste of 100% Mexican cuisine with a healthy twist.

Delicias offers a vast variety of favorites and classics for any time of the day. Co-owner Jovana Jimenez describes how the first year in business has been. “We were a bit scared at first because we didn’t know if people were going to accept us,” she states, “but the result was the complete opposite. We have clients that have come since the first day and still continue to eat with us as we try to innovate our dishes without losing our mission goal of being healthy. Since there weren’t that many restaurants of this kind, we tried to bring in something people here were not accustomed to, focusing on preserving 100% of those Mexican flavors without breaking the concept of health.”

Delicias De La Tierra is equipped with quite the hefty menu ranging from breakfast to lunch and dinner. However, ever-present in several of their dishes is the miraculous cactus. Cactus is used in many cuisines around the world, and is particularly important as well as traditional, in Mexican food. “The main ingredient we use in so many of our dishes is the cactus tortilla. It is made using a base of corn mixtamal as well as spinach and cactus,” Jimenez states. “It is an artisan tortilla made entirely by hand, made fresh daily, and on order. It, as well as all of our food, is all-natural with no conservatives nor artificial flavorings. We also try to craft our dishes around as little calories as possible using alternatives such as vegetable oils like canola, avocado, and even coconut oil.” In other words, when looking for cleaner, healthier food, Delicias is an excellent choice. 

Speaking of its varied menu, as aforementioned, the restaurant offers meals for every time of the day. For breakfast, try their signature pancakes in many variations such as their classics or an oatmeal iteration or even waffles. For something heartier, why not indulge in their custom made to order omelets that can be personalized with all sorts of delicious additions. For lunch, partake in their myriad selections of sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, pasta, and other delectable delights. For dinner, look into their take on various Mexican classics such as enchiladas, burgers, tacos, chiles rellenos, and other delicious choices. 

Jimenez also makes it clear however that this is not weight loss food. Eating here everyday will not make you lose weight, but it is a healthy choice when it comes to maintaining weight as well as lowering calorie and cholesterol levels. In other words, if you provide the exercise, Delicias will provide the balanced meal. “What people who live a healthy life look for is something they can eat every day, and here we try to cater to that” she adds. “If they are craving enchiladas, they can get some made with cactus tortillas and they know it’s made with fresh chicken and natural ingredients. We always try to reinvent our dishes. We start off with a single menu that we stay true to, but we also like to have seasonal dishes now and then. For lent, for example, we had a menu specifically catering to that audience with a delectable chile relleno stuffed with shrimp. Regardless of everything, we always try to stay within that concept of health.” 

With something new every season, don’t be afraid to give Las Delicias De La Tierra a shot!

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