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Creative Responsibility: Start. Keep Going. Vision.

by Oscar Perez

Creativity is a gift and a responsibility. This past year I got a chance to interview very creative individuals who are doing what they love because they are able to navigate the constant demand their creative gifts ask of them. It’s not an easy task to conceptualize the thoughts that inspire a creative person but somehow these amazing individuals are able to do it. I wanted to shed some light on their process for creativity, their inspiration, their setbacks and their vision as we wrap up the year and get ready for an even more creative 2019 in the city. 


“I never really start with a sketch. I only use sketchbooks to practice a certain skill and not for an actual drawing that may become an art piece. I usually create the image from my head and start working on the art piece itself. If there are any changes I change it as I go!” – Artist Ale Garza @Le_Vent

“As far as executing out on the field I have kept it really simple. Simplifying your equipment makes it really easy. I used to carry a couple of lenses, [and I don’t anymore] I keep it simple now. As far as editing, knowing the shortcuts on your keyboard really helps a lot! It will go very smoothly!” – Videographer, Pablo Coronado @Pabs.Crowned

“I have a filing cabinet full of reference pictures. I have different files; for example, “birds”. You have to have structure; composition wise you work with moving things around. I think of the size of the subject. I don’t like painting birds or deer bigger than they are.” – Artist, Amando Chapa

“When I shoot for fun, I do have a routine. I write down what my goal is for a photo. I usually write down 2 or 3 photos that I want to get for the day. I take it from there.” – Photographer, Rolan Sanchez @Rolan_Sanch


“I get inspired by comics and pretty much anything. My style is realistic but cartoony. I try to be a jack of all trades. I use pastels, chalk, digital painting… I use and do everything I can.” – Artist Ale Garza @Le_Vent

“I’m intrigued by people around me, people that I’m a little too nervous to talk to in person. I get to know them without really knowing them. Seeing people lost in their thoughts is very meditative. It’s like telling a story wondering what they are thinking about.” – Artist, Kelly Cisneros @Cisne.Sketches

“I get inspired by my own personal life experiences. When I’m going through ‘something’ I channel that energy into art. I get inspired when I’m depressed. Ha-ha! I don’t know if that’s a good thing but I get motivated by it! I channel that energy and it manifests into something real.” – Artist, Armela Rea Mariano @ReiMariano


“Having patience for the creative process. You can’t force it. I cannot force myself to sit down and edit when I’m not feeling creative.” – Photographer, Rebecca Garcia @RebeccaMasonPhotography

“I had a photographer’s worst nightmare happen. One of my monthly clients’ photos were due and a day before the deadline I lost my SD card. I had to redo the photoshoot the day of the deadline in the morning. The client was understandable. I was pissed [at myself].” – Photographer, Rolan Sanchez

“There are times were you feel down when there is no money in the bank and bills are piling up so you have to keep going. Faith is one of the biggest things I have that helps me out.” – Photographer, Andy Gonzalez @AndyGonzalezPhotos


“My work, my images especially with my kids. I take so many pictures of my kids. I want to be remembered when I get older and pass away. I want my kids to look back at these photographs and know I was a family man and this is how I documented my whole family. That’s what I want, my kids to remember what I love.” – Photographer, Pepe Jimenez @TheCollectorZero

“I just want to reach more people. I want to hear what they think and how they interpret the drawings. When they say something really different than what I thought about when drawing it, I’m glad because they made it their own.” – Artist, Germain Celis-Bonilla @PieceofAPoet

“I want to teach photography but it’s not for aspiring professional photographers. I want to start by teaching moms! There are tons of moms like myself who have bought cameras but don’t know how to use them. I want to start there so they can learn and take nice pictures of their kids. You know, photographing everyday life.” – Photographer, Rebecca Garcia @RebeccaMasonPhotography

“I think the goal is to “do what you love”. It’s cliché but they say “if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life”. Making art is a form of self-satisfaction and therapy. I want to make sure I continue doing that.” – Artist, Armela Mariano @ReiMariano

“I don’t think I have come close to exposing all my talents. I want to paint bigger canvases and more colorful. I can do what I want to do when I sit down and do it, now I want to take it to the next level.” – Artist, Amando Chapa


There is creative potential in all of us and we have a responsibility to bring our creations to the world be it through art, photography, videography, written word, spoken word, music, etc. The point is – we should start that journey and be ready to face obstacles all while keeping our eye on the vision we have for ourselves when we take the first step.

I hope these words from these amazing individuals inspire you to set off on your creative journey. You can find the full interviews online at for the digital print of this monthly city guide. 

Thank you all! Have a great end of the year and an even more amazing start to 2019!

Oscar Perez

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