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#WOMO: Welcoming of Missing Out

by Alejandra Sada

Being human is a blessing. God, nature, or whatever it is what you believe in has given you the opportunity to experience life as an erect, two legged, rationalizing being. We are a fascinating species capable of thriving even under the most extreme circumstances. A human being will adapt to any condition by developing the means to cover his basic needs. Still, one of the most basic of needs is often overlooked that is key for our species to survive. 

Evolution has taken baby steps since the times of clans and tribes. We need inclusion and unity to thrive and no, Facebook Community does not completely take care of our social needs. We think we are connected just because we have on demand communication but connection is so much more than that. Being connected wirelessly has given us a false sense of intimacy. That is why there is a lingering void in our lives, a lack of something we can’t explain and a constant fear of missing out. Hashtag FOMO! 

Enter WOMO, the welcoming of missing out. The acronym hosts a simple yet exquisitely deep concept and as its words describe, it is about finding peace in the present moment. The fear of missing out has shifted our attention off of what truly adds value to our lives and replaced it with the false comfort of a life viewed through the Instagram screen. The very essence of digital social platforms, staying connected, has made us bypass the need for true, old school, physical and present interaction. Do we even remember what it means to be a community? So how do we unplug from bits and bytes and plug into the universe of flesh and bone? By giving a warm, loving welcome to missing out. 

Do a FANG fast. And in case you don’t know what FANG is, it is the acronym given to represent the tech stock: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. Imagine a weekend with none of the above. Sounds terrifying right? I can assure you it isn’t. 

And now for the fun part, I dare you to write a good old fashioned letter with pen and paper to a friend or family member. Mail the letter through the postal service and send the most unexpected surprise to a loved one’s mailbox. Nothing will compare to the thrill of ripping the envelope apart, the smoothness and smell of crisp white paper and the joy or reading kind and loving words. 

I dare you to stop staring mindlessly at blue screens and mindfully admire Laredo’s breathtaking setting sun. Challenge yourself to have chat with a friend without looking at your phone. Remember there is no real life cut, copy, paste or undo so be impeccable with your spoken words. Downsize and donate your possessions and tell no one about it. Do volunteer work and tell no one about it. Help the homeless and tell no one about it. Tithe to your church and tell no one about it. Lower your digital footprint and tell no one about it. Conquer the fear of missing out and tell no one about it. 

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