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Spring Mercadito Fest: Join The Party and Support Local Art

Now a staple of our city, and a constant reminder of just how much talent and culture Laredo has to offer, the Mercadito Fest is an entire day dedicated to the arts and crafts. Although it is one of the newer events in the city, it has generated enough buzz and enough crowds to settle itself as part of our yearly celebrations. A quarterly event, taking place every couple months, the Mercadito is jam-packed with content of all variations. 

However, it is much more than a simple marketplace. It is an amalgamation of everything that makes our culture great. The space provided by Lolita’s Bistro is adorned with many traditional decorations and stands of all kinds set up to sell art, jewelry, souvenirs, and even some delicious snacks to munch on. It is all accompanied by live music, dancers, and other performers, making it feel like one big block party.

 Spring Mercadito Fest’s date will be announced shortly, so visit their facebook page: @Mercadito Fest for more info.

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