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Fitness: For Fitness Lovers

By Oscar Saucedo

“Commitment” is a great topic for February—the month of love.  When you think of what that word means, you may define it using words such as dedication, loyalty, blind determination, obligation, devotion, faithfulness, etc.  It is ironic, though, that Valentine’s Day is sometimes used to affirm or reaffirm the commitment to a significant other while simultaneously abandoning the commitment you made to yourself!

It is in early February that too many fall off “the fitness cliff” (when the majority of people give up on their New Year’s Resolution to be healthier).    I believe that it’s because it takes a higher degree of dedication, determination, and devotion than most people are willing to give to themselves.

Fortunately, some of you willunderstand what it takes to succeed.  It is a very simple formula.  Commitment + consistency + time = results.  It really is that simple.   Although everyonewill have setbacks and obstacles, your commitment will get you through it.

In the fitness industry, one of the ways we try to promote your long-term commitment to fitness is to encourage you to bring a workout buddy.  Because it’s February, why not make your significant other your workout partner?

Trust me, it’s a great idea.  First, your workout is like a “date”.  And we know how a great date can end!  But more importantly, working out together puts both of you on the same road to a commongoal.  That alone is a powerful tool that you can use to follow through with your New Year’s Resolution.

If you are worried that there will be a big difference in strength and/or conditioning between male and female training partners, don’t be.  In my experience, the difference in strength is notsignificant—especially if both of you are just getting back into a fitness regimen.  But just in case there is a substantial difference in strength and conditioning, there is a program that can work for any situation. Here is a sample workout that any couple can do together.  To save space here, I’ll ask you to YouTube any exercise that needs an explanation.  Of course, I’ll assume you are working out at Gold’s Gym!

Warm up 10 minutes next to each other on any cardio equipment

Foam roll for mobility (YouTube “foam roll techniques”)

Dynamic stretching such as 20 overhead arm circles each way, 20 walking lunges with a torso twist, 6-8 hand walkouts

Workout part 1: 3 rounds

  • 1 minute on row machine
  • 1 minute burpees
  • 1 minute ball slams (men use 20lb slam ball, women use 10lb)
  • 3 minute rest

Part 2: 3 rounds

  • Take the slam balls to the wall, 30 seconds slam ball side chest pass against the wall (allow ball to fall to floor between reps).  30 seconds each side, face each other for both sides.  Motivate and encourage!
  • 10 Walking side lunges each side
  • Bosu ball mountain climbers facing each other (30 seconds)

Finish workout with partner assist static stretches

There are endless variations of partner workouts. Regardless of your fitness goals, you can include this type of workouts at least twice a week.  By making the workouts time-based, each can work at his or her own pace.  As you get in better shape, you will be able to do more reps with more weight in that minute, or run faster or row farther.  The point is to stay committed to fitness, to each other, and to yourself.

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