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Fitness: Life is Short

By Oscar Saucedo

If we are lucky, we might get only about 90 short years to enjoy life on Earth.  That 90 years is a flash! That means that by the time you graduate high school, you are already 20% done with life—if you are lucky.  At 23 years old, you are likely pastthe quarter mark of your life, and you have only 3 quarters left. 

It’s ironic to me how the majority of people can spend their first half-life talking about how “life is short”, neglecting their body, eating the crap, overindulging, and using up “the good-old days” way too soon.  Then, at 45 years old, they finally realize that they might have another 45 years to go!  But now they are unhealthy, they only want to stay home, they are tired all the time, they are boring, and all they talk about is about how they used tobe and what they used todo.  They are thankfully still alive, but no longer fully living.  Life isshort.  So why make life shorter because you have to stop living it early?

The word “fitness” has several definitions depending on whom you ask.  Too many of those involve the outward physical appearance. But you can be healthy and fit and carry enough body fat to hide your abdominals.  You can also have beautifully defined abs and be unhealthy.  My definition of fitness is simply that you are able to do what you love with the people you love for as long as you can with no physical limitations caused by your own neglect.  That means that you live your life fully today, but with the intent to live fully tomorrow.  I want to be able to do the same things when I am 80 that I do today.  I want to be able to travel with my wife, climb to the top of the bleachers to watch my grandson play football, and babysit my great-grandchildren if only just to spoil them.  To do that, I have to live a balanced life in which a well-rounded fitness routine is an absolute necessity.  Exercise should NOT be an option.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed and no one can ever know when their time on Earth is done. We have all lost loved ones unexpectedly or to a disease that was really, really hard to beat.  But the truth is that those situations are still relatively rare.  Fortunately, chances are much better that you make it to an old age.  That’s probably why term life insurance is so cheap. This brings me to my question: With all of the tragic causes of loss of life that exist, why would you allow yourself to lose life (or even quality of life) to something that is completely preventable?

Invest in your future self.  You can save up a decent retirement savings, but then spend it on medical bills.  A. J. Materi said, “So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.”  I would rather pay for a gym membership on my own terms than pay medical bills to people I don’t even know.  I would rather spend money to keep my health.  I would rather live my next45 years as healthy, happy, and active as my first 45 years.  I would rather have “good-old days” AND good days when I’m old.

Don’t be afraid of that saying “no pain, no gain”.  Truth is, if you don’t make gains, there will be pain.  It’s those people that seek the most comfort in their early years that will have the least comfort in their later years.  There’s good pain and bad pain.  Pain is unavoidable.  So join a gym, try a yoga class, train for a 5K, cook for yourself, get off your butt.  Life is too short to spend it sitting on your @$$.

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