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Fitness: Competition Season

By Oscar Saucedo

A question I often get is, “What does it take to win a bikini competition?” Because I usually write to answer questions people ask me, and because it’s competition season, I will tell you about some of the things I teach, implement, and recommend to make athletes into successful bikini competitors. First of all, please remember, anyone can enter a competition. But this will be about how to win a competition. I’m not trying to insult anyone that does this “for fun”, so please don’t @ me if that’s the case.

The body. Yes, you have to have an amazing body. It should be only slightly muscular. I always recommend that you develop your entire body to avoid muscular and strength imbalances because that can lead to injury. However, the emphasis should be on developing round glutes, defined hamstrings, and noticeable shoulders. You should have an “hour glass” shape, so it is also important to keep your waist as small as possible and build the upper latissimus dorsi (lats) to exaggerate the hour glass shape. The legs and arms should be thin and lightly defined, and abdominals should be visible without having to “flex” your midsection. A winning bikini body is only rarely built in less than a year. If you don’t have superior genetics, work hard every day for 2 years. Even with great genetics, it takes unbelievably hard work.

The presentation.I’m disappointed when I see a competitor that obviously worked so hard building an amazing body, but then totally neglected the presentation. It is very obvious when a competitor does not practice their posing routine and their walk. With our athletes, we dedicate several weeks to perfecting the posing. Those details matter so much when you are surrounded by equally amazing bodies. Find a coach that will identify the poses that work best for you, and practice hitting the poses flawlessly and on time. Also, practice the footwork in the transitions from pose to pose. Taking extra steps or losing your balance in transition ruins your presentation. Practice, practice, practice!

Another way to harm your chances to win is to have a bad spray tan. You should look too dark. If you look “normal”, you’re likely going to look very pale under the harsh stage lights.  Invest the money to get your tan professionally done and follow their directions. At the very least, buy a self-tan spray from a reputable company such as Pro-Tan or Jan Tana and get help from a good coach when you apply it. And while you are at it, invest in getting your hair and makeup done by professionals that understand what it takes to look great on the competition stage. That can help you avoid having pictures in which the color of your face doesn’t match the color of your body!

The poise.I define poise as an unshakeable self-confidence. You cannot show up to the competition with a timid and conservative approach. With poise, even if something goes wrong onstage, no one off the stage can tell the difference. The only way to reach this level of self-assurance is to know you brought your best body and you perfected your presentation.  You should “rock” the stage with your graceful walk, your beautiful smile, and your sassy attitude. If you do it all correctly, it should be one of the best experiences of your life!

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