Living in Laredo, one thing is commonly known: it is a city of trends. Some may call it “riding the bandwagon,” and in some way, they are right. In past years, Laredo has been somewhat behind on the nation’s food trends, but nowadays, the city seems to be on par with what customers want. Steak and Mexican food joints are always in demand, but a couple years ago, there came over a craze regarding seafood, and so many eateries catering to that opened up. After that, many discovered the love for sushi, and now, there are a variety of sushi places in Laredo from which to choose from. After that, there also came the food truck fad, and so Laredo now is littered with these increasingly popular dining experiences. Other trends including other exotic foods have taken place, and now, it seems another trend is taking place albeit in a lighter direction.

The newest trend taking over not only Laredo but the nation in general is the inclusion of healthier eatery options. These may come in a variety of shapes and forms, whether they be vegetarian, vegan, organic, or simply just healthier. In a country that is ridden with obesity issues as well as heart disease, it is reassuring knowing that a majority of individuals are opting for healthier lifestyles.

Nowadays, more and more people are staying active and going to the gym. They are reaching for that salad or wrap instead of a burger or pizza, and drinking more water or natural juices instead of soda. Of course, there is nothing wrong with eating a burger every once in a while, but the options for those who lead perhaps a vegetarian lifestyle have been limited, and in some cases, even nonexistent. Of course, we love our tacos and BBQ ribs, so we’ll never give those up, but it is nice knowing that there is something for every kind of lifestyle. In a couple of years, Laredo will surely be able to meet these demands as more and more restaurants open every month in this ever-expanding and ever-changing city. Whatever new trend is heating up social media, we are sure to cover it as well, so keep checking out what’s new in 2018.

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