Discovering Laredo One Plate At A Time

by Mariajose Mendiola for @LaredoEats

What can I say, 2017 was really good to me! It brought us lots of new and delicious places to go eat at, which meant I got to try more food. Not only that, but this is the year Laredo Eats became part of the DeLaredo Squad! (#squadgoals!) In this piece, I will be talking about my top 4 foodie posts, and coincidentally, these places also happen to have opened in the year of 2017!

First of all, who was on that all-carb diet? I went on an Italian venture just north of Laredo at Trattoria Mia. This Restaurant has delicious pasta dishes made from scratch and you know we had to get that pizza to share. I mean, it’s almost a crime if you don’t order a pizza at an Italian restaurant, am I right? It was “delizioso!”

Next, those hot days of 2017 brought us a delicious treat that helped us stay “Cool for the Summer” at Bubble Waffle. The name is pretty self explanatory, i had the yummy bubble waffle cones with scoops of ice cream and toppings. The combination of bubble waffle with ice-cream was just ridiculously amazing, it’s not only because i have a sweet tooth, but because it makes such a great dessert!

Who else loves food trucks? There’s a beer garden and music all in the same spot! We went to the Cultura beer garden to jam out to some good music, have a cold beer, but most importantly, try the awesome food there. We loved the loaded Mexican Hotdog and Chile Relleno Balls from “Clementine’s Food Truck!” We didn’t want this heavenly experience to end.

Last but not least, we had brunch at Anise Kitchen + Market! Life really is good after you get to enjoy some good food and company. We had the steak & eggs and the Eggs Benny from their brunch menu, and we devoured every bite! Gave us a full tummy and the perfect amount of energy to start the day, especially with freshly made iced coffee!

Thank you,”Laredo Eaters” for supporting me and our local foodie spots! Also, this year was so great I just can’t wait for what 2018 has in store. I’m hoping it’s more places like the ones I have posted. Nom Nom. A-DI-OS 2017, HELLO 2018!



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