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This past year, I was blessed with the opportunity to interview Laredo Artists and share those stories with you. I focused on asking questions that would share their story of making their dreams a reality. It’s important to note that there are many different paths to take in order to live your dream, but there is one thing they all have in common and that is to get WORK done. Doing nothing will result in nothing. I wanted to kick 2018 into high gear by sharing some of the inspirational highlights from the interviews and pairing them with artwork I created to tell the story of chasing dreams. Here are some things to consider in order to make your dreams a reality given to you by our very own Laredo Artists.


“Get focused on what you want to do, work hard at it and have fun! The money, exposure, and style come along the way and it changes through time.”

– Melly Rodriguez @IslasMowin

“My vision is to be the best. To be the next Damien Hirst. That’s my vision. It’s super crazy. I’m not just trying to make a nice little living. I want to be amazing.”

– Mauro C. Martinez @ZTM_ORUAM

“Six years ago, I made it a point that I really needed to start creating art again! I had to give up some stuff as there are only so many hours in the day so I could focus strictly on the art.”

– Oscar Gomez @Ambush.Bug

“We are all born artists. Sometimes we get talked out of becoming an artist or told there is no money in it. That is simply not true.”

– Carlos Rene Ramirez Jr. @Sketch83


“I fill out a Moleskine sketchbook every year. It’s the one constant piece of creativity I try to stick to. That’s where I keep all my sketches, ideas, to do lists, and business stuff. Mostly I just put a podcast and get to work. I try to make 1-3 new pieces every month.”

– Ashley Tristan @MoonHowlerPress

“An artist needs to create/draw all the time. If you want to develop your skill you need to work on it.”

– Oscar Gomez @Ambush.Bug

“I sketch before I create any illustration, logotype, art toy, or mural design. All art creation starts with a pencil and a piece of paper.”

– Melly Rodriguez @IslasMowin

“I tell my students that talent alone will not take you as far as you can go. The artist with less talent who is actively practicing their skill will surpass a talented artist who doesn’t practice.”

– Ale Garza @Le_Vent

“Work, work, work, work, work. Creativity doesn’t run out. The more you work, the more you get inspired.”

– Erika Lamar Buentello @ErikaBeesWax

“My routine is like my style; it’s not a set routine but rather an adjustable one. I find ways to get work done. All artists have sacrifices to get work done. I have to give up stuff I like to continue creating.”

– Ricardo A. Guerrero III @Rag3Artist


“Put yourself out there and take criticism with a grain of salt. Don’t be scared of showing your work because I can assure you that at least a handful of people will like your work.”

– Ashley Tristan @MoonHowlerPress

“I would say put yourself out there. And I mean not just your work but also yourself, physically, out there talking to people. This is tough for most of us. I say be part of that universe out there because you don’t know who you might inspire.”

– Ricardo A Guerrero III @Rag3Artist

“As an artist, if you have a certain skillset that can help an organization, business, or community, you should offer your services and this will bring attention to your art.”

– Carlos Rene Ramirez Jr. @Sketch83


“An art community is like family! They support you and you learn new ideas, how to innovate, create, work and how to make a living from the art by spending time with them.”

– Melly Rodriguez @IslasMowin

“It’s hard to create in a vacuum. Being an artist, though so often solitary, improves with talk, with feedback and with exploration. A solid community of peers makes that exploration so much more feasible.”

– Erika Lamar Buentello @ErikaBeesWax

“Nothing beats the feeling and support of having a local art community. You can interact with folks in person and meet other local artists who can give you feedback on your work, help you learn new techniques, and have a group of creative folks to bounce ideas off of.”

– Ashley Tristan @MoonHowlerPress

 “Attractions don’t make Laredo, the people make the city, they are the main bloodline of the city. When I got involved with the Hecho-A-Mano community event, it was great for me in the sense that I got people who saw my work, smiled, laughed, and talked with me about the art.”

– Ricardo A. Guerrero III @Rag3Artist

Every day is a new opportunity, a new start. Take action and you will see results. The thoughts and words shared by these artists can be applied to all types of dreams not only those in the creative field. It all starts with a vision followed by hard work which results in growth for you as a human being. Wait no longer as the journey is long. Take your first step today.

Oscar Perez


You can participate in helping share artists stories by emailing the name of an artist whose story needs to be shared to thehappyoscar@gmail.com











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