Fresh flavors with a creamy twist

by Maria Salas

February and March are months of transition. So there’s still a little bit of winter in the atmosphere, but spring is making its way into our clothes, shoes, and definitely FOOD. This month we feature the most delicious pasta you will ever have! Trattoria Mia is presenting one of their most special dishes: lobster raviolis with a celery root puree.

This dish starts off with a delicious egg pasta dough that is prepared in-house. It is stretched and pulled to perfection, rolled out, and prepared for the filling. The filling consists of lobster, a bit of shrimp, and egg whites to hold it together inside the pasta itself. Then each ravioli is carefully fabricated by hand giving each of them a special touch.

Then, the chefs take the lobster shells and cook them down into lobster stock. After blanching the ravioli, they finish cooking in a little bit of that lobster stock so more of the lobster flavor can infuse the dish. They are finished off with some cherry tomatoes, butter, and some basil to add freshness to the dish. Lastly, a light dressing of lemon juice is added at the end to bring forth those seafood flavors.

To pull it all together, a dollop of celery root puree is added. Trattoria Mia went as far as introducing a unique element by adding the puree. It diffuses the flavor of the pasta and the sauce in your mouth and lightens everything up. Finished with a garnish of a slightly brined fresh fennel to add an extra layer of anise flavor. The little bit of bitterness in the fennel balances out the richness of the sauce and adds a bit of kick to the whole dish.

What pasta doesn’t taste better with a crisp drink? Trattoria Mia suggests drinking a hearty, full bodied white wine with an oak finish to give the meal a little bit more structure. Of course, the restaurant will now be serving an array of different drinks to accompany your meals, so you can be sure to enjoy all of the new goodies Trattoria Mia has in store for you!

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