Plenty of Fish

By Mariajose Mendiola for @LaredoEats

This month, my foodie tummy was craving something a little bit more towards the Lent season type of foods. As a “Laredoan,” we take lent very seriously, and sometimes we just don’t know where to eat with all that delicious food out there. Don’t worry guys, we’ve got you covered with some scrumptious options.

First, lets start with one of the newest and most trendiest places in Laredo: SHIBU. Shibu is literally the; such a cool place to hang at, and they have Sushi Burritos! Like what?!?! Let me just say that i had the “Tsuna” Burrito, and my tastebuds were extremely pleased. Don’t forgot to also try the bowl, it’s just as good! Next we headed to one of our go-to places, Posh! We love our poke bowls and sushi rolls there. Instead of simply getting a tuna bowl or just a salmon bowl, try it mixed! You get the best of both worlds in one bite! The next Friday, we were craving some fresh Ceviche and Fish tacos from La Mariscana. La Sirena Ceviche is probably our favorite, and it’s a must to order each time i go. It is perfectly filling whether you want to share it or just have on your own. We also were craving something a little warm & cheesy (perfect combo) so we got the “El Governardor,” which is also just so scrumptious. Last but not least, we were craving a little bit of sweet, and i mean all this fish is making us lose weight, so why not go for some Krispy Kreme Donuts? Do i even have to explain how yummy these doughnuts are? I mean who doesn’t know that already? All we can say is that our tummies and hearts were very happy. Hope you guys got a little hungrier just reading this. Don’t forgot about Meatless Fridays and all the eating possibilities. NOM NOM.

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