Lose Your Cellulite, Lose Your Inhibitions

by Oscar Castillo


Summer is fast approaching, and there’s no better remedy for the heat than a fun day at the beach. However, there is one thing that keeps millions of individuals from showing up in their favorite swimsuit; insecurity about their body. Predominantly, this is something a lot of women face due to the presence of cellulite. However, there is renewed hope for everyone out there facing this hurdle.

Cellulite is a condition that millions face, and it consists of creased, wrinkled, or lumpy skin mostly in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks regions. Cellulite takes place when fibers in our muscles interact with the layers of fat between them. This clash leads skin to look uneven, dimpled, and rough. Cellulite can appear in all body types, and although it is more often seen in women, men can suffer it as well. Although often not a serious condition, it can cause embarrassing marks on the skin, which to some, is catalyst for insecurity.

However, there is a special procedure here to help with the condition. It is known as Acoustic Wave Therapy. Not only does it help reduce cellulite, but fat as well. The therapy involves the use of sound waves and is non-invasive, meaning no knives or needles are involved. With the use of a device, therapy professionals are able to target and deliver these waves directly to affected tissue. The resonance helps for the release and flowing of clogs in the skin, excess toxins, and water, leaving in their place smooth, soft skin.

However, not only is the therapy beneficial for cosmetic purposes, but for treating chronic pain and muscular injuries as well. The waves alleviate and loosen up knotted skin, allowing for a variety of uses for sports injuries. By accelerating the body’s natural healing processes, this procedure is beneficial for most body types, although caution should be taken when a patient is pregnant, epileptic, or has an existing skin coagulation or hormonal condition. Definitely check with a physician before opting for this therapy.

The effects of the therapy can last for months, although individual results may vary. With little side effects, it’s a treatment that is too good to pass up on. This summer, don’t be afraid to dust off that cute bathing suit that is sitting in your closet. Wear it proud and be happy with your skin. Lose those inhibitions and don’t let cellulite keep you from that perfect beach moment.

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