A twist on a classic….

by Fernanda Alvarado

Laredo’s spring temperatures are making their way into the city and they are finally here to stay! That means that sundresses, sunglasses, and all kinds of sandals are on call for everyday use. It also means that the city will be needing lots and lots of refreshing drinks to keep up with the warmer weather.

You can never go wrong with an Arnold Palmer, or as it is more commonly known, a half and half. Half sweet tea and half lemonade, this drink mixes all that is tart from a lemonade and all that is sweet from traditional Texas sweet tea making for an invigorating drink.

Chef Richard Mims specifically enjoys peach Arnold Palmers on hot Laredo days. It was this small pleasure in his life that inspired Trattoria Mia’s newest creation: a spiked Arnold Palmer. Of course, there are different variations of this drink but what makes this Arnold Palmer stand out is the fact that the drink itself contains nothing artificial.

Chef Mims shook limoncello, Tito’s vodka, peach simple syrup, and fresh squeezed lemon juice and poured it over ice. He then carefully layered the sweet iced tea over top to create the classic lemonade and sweet tea divide. This drink is perfect for a hot day spent with family and friends eating delicious food.

Something as decadent as the plates Trattoria Mia offers deserve to be accompanied with a drink specially selected from their new drink menu. Trattoria Mia now has several vodkas, whiskeys, bourbons, and most other liquors you’d expect to find. Plus, Chef Mims is always ready to create new and never before tried concoctions so stop by Trattoria Mia for a taste unlike anywhere else.

Visit Trattoria Mia at 3402 E. Del Mar Blvd., (956) 568-3536.

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