A Classic Treat

by Oscar Castillo


When it comes to Mother’s Day, nothing screams “motherly appreciation” as does a delicious cake. Whether presenting it to mom to celebrate her day, or bringing it at the family gathering, a good cake speaks more than a million words. Be the star of the potluck with a Mexican classic: Tres Leches Cake.

Tres Leches is a beloved recipe, and just the mention of the cake is enough to make an inadvertent listener to be piqued with interest and for mouths to start drooling. Tres Leches gets its iconic name for the use of the titular three types of milk necessary for its gooey consistency. It requires evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and whole milk.

The cake itself starts off as any typical vanilla recipe. However, once the cake has been created, holes are poked throughout and the mixture of the three milks is then poured on the cake, seeping through all the holes. The cake and milk mixture are to be left to be cooled and for the bread to absorb all of the liquid. It is recommended to pour it in slowly and in waves to allow all of the cake to get equally soaked. Once the entire thing is properly fused and the milk mixture has been absorbed, then one can begin adding toppings or even decorating the cake. It is common to add a whipped cream topping as well as fresh strawberries or cherries, and even roasted nuts. It is a delectable recipe that is simply to die for.

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