Eye of the Beholder

By Mariajose Mendiola for @LaredoEats

There is a special saying my mom says every time we are at a restaurant, “De la vista, nace el amor.” What she means by that is that by what you see visually, you will know if you will love it or not. It helps to have pictures of food at a restaurant or to have a source to go see pictures of what maybe you would like to order. My goal for Laredo Eats is to exactly do that for the people of Laredo. I want you guys to go here or my Instagram page @laredoeats to fall in love with what I fall in love with! My hungry eye is always on the lookout. This month, we went to the new and trendy SHIBU. I absolutely love this place and their delicious bowls and Sushi Burritos. For me, the perfect post workout meal is the bowl here. There are so many options they have to offer, so you basically can put anything in there. So healthy and YUMMY! Next, my sweet tooth took advantage of me and took me to Titey’s Cakes, and OMG we were in Cheesecake heaven with these cheesecake sandwiches. So yummy and cute, they were a hit, so maybe you guys should go taste sweet heaven too. Then came along Sunday brunch, which is my favorite time of the week! I love enjoying a beautiful afternoon at La Finca Brucheria & Cafe because of their delicious traditional options. I have a weird yet satisfying soft spot for molletes, and the molletes here are to die for! They are a great traditional dish with a twist. Last but not least, I had lunch at Alamo Drafthouse. What I love about Alamo is that you don’t necessarily have to go to the movies to go here. I love their side restaurant and the food there. So many YUMMY options so why not just order it all? We hope you fell in love as much as I did! Stay hungry Laredo. NOM NOM.

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