Come find the perfect gift!

by Fernanda Alvarado

Shop 195 is a boutique dedicated to creating a difference in the world. Owners Susan Nelson, Irma Saldivar, and Mariana Quintanilla have dedicated their time and attention to creating a shop that caters to the quirky and creative side of everyone of their customers as well as helping out causes that make a change.

The three owners each have their different personalities that helped create the shop as it is today. Irma and Susan are both lovers of all things that sparkle and jewelry. Mariana always wanted to open a shoe store. Each of them give a piece of themselves to create Shop 195 and make it a success.

Shop 195 started in November of 2017, and since then, they have offered a different kind of boutique to the city. One where they can improve the world and offers something different for someone.

They carry a slew of brands, from jewelry and candles to purses and personalized items, for those special people in your lives.

Irma, Mariana, and Susan made it their mission to bring to the shop brands and names that would be worthy of the customer.

Shop 195 carries Bridgewater candles. Bridgewater’s mission is to feed an orphaned child for a day. Similar to Tom’s shoe line, with a purchase of a Bridgewater candle, the company will provide three meals to a child.

Bracha is a jewelry line they manage and with every purchase made you help in the fight against human trafficking in Southeast Asia. Shop 195 is very conscious minded and focused on making an impact.

On top of Shop 195 being socially aware, they also carry brands that appeal to the quirkiness in all of us. Loly In The Sky is a shoe line available at the boutique. The shoe line is made from one hundred percent vegan materials and masterfully crafted by master artisans in Mexico. If you’re looking for bigger brands, Pandora, Vera Bradley, and Nomination can be found at their shop.

Mariana, Irma, and Susan have made their boutique a place where people can come together and make a change while purchasing gifts for those that already have everything.

Visit Shop 195 at 3402 E Del Mar Blvd Ste. #195.

A unique shop with some stylish threads

by Oscar Castillo

We all have that one small shop in town that’s close to our hearts. Usually, these carry items or a service that can be found nowhere else in Laredo. This is the case for Nook. Nook at 909 specializes in children’s clothing. However, one glance at the wares will reveal that the styles and looks in this shop are a bit more special.

Nook focuses classic and traditional Spanish and European clothing. These include styles for children from ages 0 to 12, and include articles such as dresses, shoes, bows, socks, shirts, skirts, sweaters, pajamas, and much more for both boys and girls. However, the store also features fine jewelry and accessories for Mom such as handbags and other gifts. Browse through their selections of candles, home accessories, jewelry, and diffusers.

For fans of Nook, there are good news on the horizon as the shop is expanding. Though they will retain their signature looks and styles, there will soon be more options to choose from. Daniela Fernandez Cardenas, owner at Nook, states that the shop wishes to expand its repertoire to also feature more everyday looks and articles apart from their customary clothing lines. They also wish to promote lines with more accessible prices and brands.

Nook has been at it for more that four years and a half, so an upgrade was definitely due. Expect the same quality that Nook is known for, but with more variety. This nook is not so little anymore. Visit Nook at 1202 east Del Mar to find out what’s new in stock and to find that perfect gift.

Nook at 909 specializes in children’s clothing; Daniela Fernandez Cardenas, owner at Nook; the shop focuses classic and traditional Spanish and European clothing. These include styles for children from ages 0 to 12.