Fun fact: Honey is the only food product that never expires!

by Maria Salas

Chef Roberto “Bobby” Gonzalez of Tabernilla gets excited explaining how honey is the latest item making a local impact. Producers such as La Gorra Azul Ranch, who provide delicious local honey, and Texas Outer Rim Apiaries, who rescue hives and are on the way to producing honey, are the base of this. “Local restaurants including Trattoria Mia, Lolita’s Bistro and ourselves help spread the word,” says Chef Bobby.

Honey is best when it’s local and the best way to enjoy it is when you can eat it simply. A suggestion at Tabernilla is to have honey with churros or to accompany cheeses in their Tablas (a plate with cured meats and cheeses). At Tabernilla, Chef Bobby has been working with Ceci Cisneros and Christopher Segovia from Texas Outer Rim Apiaries for a couple of years and together they do something unique with honey on a very small scale which is kind of a “secret” on the menu.

But where does this “secret” honey come from? Thank you for asking, reader. Let me tell you.

Cecilia “Ceci” Cisneros, a local realtor, and Christopher Segovia are a mother-son duo that have the coolest hobby. They remove bees from a property and then they relocate them, tend to them, and will soon begin to harvest their honey.

What makes this process interesting is that when every beehive is first rescued it has honey with a unique taste, texture, color, and flavor profile depending on the plant variety around it. This is in a sense “hyperlocal” and gives and amazing sense of taste from a certain area of the city says Chef Bobby. “That honey is available for honey aficionados but those hives produce only small amounts.” Once the hives are rescued they are then relocated and taken to Bobby’s family’s ranch (Tanquecitos) to begin a new life and produce honey from that environment.

This mother-son duo began their beekeeping when Chris was supposed to leave to California to start his zoology degree, but ended up making a deal with his mother, Ceci, where she would get him his first hive and he’d stay in Laredo. Chris has always been fascinated by nature and together with his mother, they live out the mission to protect bees. Their mission is to educate people and let them know that the bees need to be protected because without them 95% of crops would cease to exist.

Today, people from around the city call them over to remove hives from their properties. Over the last year, they’ve rescued probably over 35 hives. As a family, they hope that this business can soon turn into something bigger. However, the most important thing to them is that people know the importance of having bees and the benefits of their being around.

Bees are a component of a healthy ecosystem. They perform a necessary task. Ceci and Chris value that importance.

So, next time you’re out preparing yourself a cup of tea or wanting something sweet in your breakfast, think about Outer Rim Apiaries. You can follow them on Facebook at Tx. Outer Rim Apiaries LLC or on Instagram @outerrim_apiaries_.

You won’t bee disappointed!

Know before you embark on a new journey

by Oscar Castillo

One should always strive to be better. Just as there is no such thing as perfect, there is also always room for improvement. The beginning of a new year means the beginning of new possibilities for our loved ones and ourselves. Never stop working towards your goals. This New Year, make a “new you.”


George Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” Change and innovation are themes that are quite popular this month as we embark on a brand new year. Many are the individuals who seek to make that one positive change in their lives which would make it all better.

There is a common trend that occurs in January that leads many to actively pursue these “resolutions.” These are promises made to oneself or to others for a change to come. According to research done by the site Statistic Brain, around 21% of resolutions involve getting in shape or becoming healthier, 12% are focused on self-improvement, 8% for a more secure or better financial situation, and the list goes on. Some other goals include quitting smoking, to travel more, to spend more time with family, to learn new things, to find love or a better job, and even to just perform more good deeds for others. The site goes on to state that around 41% of Americans tend to form resolutions. In the first week, it is recorded that 72.6% will maintain their resolution. However, those numbers do not last. After two weeks, that percentage drops to 68.4%, after a month, to 58.4, and past six months, it falls to 44.8%. It shows that 37.8% of people in their twenties achieve their goals, while only 16.3% of individuals over 50 do so.

A lot of focus (including this month’s issue) is implemented on health. Life is about all sorts of things like family, love, friendship, work, and fun. However, without health, many of these would not be possible. It is important to harbor both a healthy mind and body in order to live life to its fullest, and to be able to properly function. There is a reason why so many focus their New Year’s resolutions on health matters. Perhaps they are trying to look better so they may feel confident or to impress that special someone. Perhaps they are trying to stay healthy for their family and so they can spend many more years with their loved ones. Whatever the reason is, becoming healthier is always beneficial.

Usually, the hardest part of anything is starting. Knowing where, how, and even when to begin a new goal is extremely important to its realization. It is many the individual that simply launches oneself on this new road in life, without really knowing or preparing for the challenges that may litter the path. For any resolution, but especially those involving health, it is highly important to go in with a plan in mind. Do not simply take to the weights and treadmill and decide to eat nothing but tuna and broccoli. There is a process for everything.

First off, before starting any exercise regime or diet, it is severely important to consult with a physician first. A diet can indeed be detrimental and even deadly if performed incorrectly. Visiting a nutritionist can greatly help as they will assist in preparing a specific plan for individual needs. Not only that, but physician assistance is necessary to determine what kind of existing health problems one may count with. These may hinder or worsen when beginning an unorganized exercise regime, and could even cause physical injuries.

Speaking of injuries, to avoid them while working out, one should also seek the help of fitness professionals. This especially applies to someone who has never been part of a workout regime or who may be new to gyms. If one immediately goes for the weights or any other machine, they may use them incorrectly or malpractice the exercises. Furthermore, an ineffective workout will bear in little to no results. This may be the reason why many become frustrated with their resolutions and may end up giving up on them. By planning ahead, seeking help, and making sure to do things right, results should become more evident.

Of course, with a good workout schedule one also needs a good diet. Once individual nutritional needs have been gauged and determined, it will be easier to setup and follow a diet. Strictness may vary between diet, but one should know that there are many options out there. As well, healthy food does not have to mean tasteless. Whether it is from professionals at the local gym or online, there are many who can help prepare and plan out meals for various diets. It is important to note that not all diets or exercises work for everyone, so finding what does for the individual is key to getting in better health.

Lastly, the most important part of any resolution is to follow through. A determined mind is the most important factor in any long-term or short-term goal. It takes drive and a strong will to stay on task. Although it may not be easy, in the end, those who manage to follow through will succeed.