History in the heart of Laredo

by Fernanda Alvarado

In historic downtown Laredo, there exists a nook that not many think about. A couple of blocks away from the notable San Agustin Cathedral, there sits a building with a long line of history and tradition.

The Tack Room, owned by the Fasken family and part of La Posada Hotel, has served different purposes throughout the years. It was the first telephone exchange building serving both Laredo and Nuevo Laredo just eight years after Alexander Graham Bell obtained the first telephone patent. It was then a fully operational restaurant since 1982 when it was purchased and converted into a steakhouse.

When you first walk through the saloon style doors, you will be transported back in time. To the left, there is a curved bar with a smooth wooden table top facing a great stained glass picture of jockeys and horse racing. Decorating each side of the bar are the shelves of scotch, bourbon, whiskey, and cognac making the perfect setting to a night filled with laughter, liquor, and luxury. This is the Tack Room, a restaurant that has witnessed history and served celebrities throughout the years.

The legend goes that back in the days, the Tack Room, a lovely Victorian style home, used to serve as the meeting point for the late former Mayor Aldo Tatangelo and friends who would go to Nuevo Laredo and place bets at the horse races in the Hipodromo racetrack. After the races, they’d come back to the Tack Room and drink liquor, smoke cigars, and eat good food.

Surf and Turf, like every dish on the menu is prepared to perfection by Executive Chef Armando Paredes.

By definition, a tack room is a room in a stable building where saddles, bridles, and other equipment are kept. As such, the Tack Room has kept everything in their establishment as authentic as possible while providing excellent customer service to everyone that walks through their doors. Just ask Don Manuel, who’s served at the Tack Room for twenty-five years and has every customer asking for his special, one of a kind customer service.

The Tack Room prides itself in being the most unique steakhouse in the entire state. They have served Laredo for thirty-six years with always fresh ingredients and top of the line beef. With a veranda that overlooks one of the oldest and most historic plazas in Texas, San Agustin Plaza, this legendary restaurant stands out as one of the best.

Executive Chef Armando Paredes prepares each dish as it is ordered and makes sure each dish is prepared to perfection. Tack Room’s most popular dish is their succulent prime rib eye with a side of creamy mashed potatoes and a vegetable medley. However, their updated menu offers customers a selection of gourmet sauces that combine subtle, savory flavors with steaks that melt in your mouth.

Add to that a selection of fine wines, a salad bar that is always crisp and fresh and exceptional service and you’ve got a combination that’s an easy winner over any other steak-slinging establishment.

With the complimentary valet parking and delicious food, there is no excuse not to try the best steakhouse in town!