Chocoberry Cup

by Maria Salas

Chocolate is the tight hug you crave after a long day. It envelops you from head to toe in warmth and comfort, blurring your problems away until the decadent flavor is the only thing consuming your thoughts. Add some strawberries and you have a match made in heaven.

Whether you celebrate Galentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day, or plain old Valentine’s Day, you absolutely cannot go wrong with devouring sweets and spending the day chocolate wasted.

Chocolateka began as an idea in Monterrey about ten years ago. It has evolved and grown into the delicious snack shop it is today. The Tena family always has a first hand decision in everything that they put out for their customers. Chocolateka is not your regular snack shop. Involved from making orders to cleaning, prepping ingredients, and excellent customer service, the Tena family makes it their priority to be the best snack shop in town.

Everything in the Chocolateka restaurant is carefully chosen to provide their customers with a one-of-a-kind experience. Two of the many snacks offered at Chocolateka are featured in this month’s edition.

Aptly called a “cup of love,” Chocolateka’s Chocoberry Cup is filled with sliced, fresh, hand picked strawberries covered in your choice of dark, milk, or white Belgian chocolate. Every bite offers strawberries and chocolate. Each spoonful helps to destress and fill you with joy and peace.

In addition, their Chamoy Fruit Cup is made with chopped fresh fruit and covered with homemade chamoy the Tena family makes from scratch. You have your pick of the assortment of all the fruits used in Chocolateka’s many snacks. The tanginess of the chamoy paired with the sweetness you get from the fruits satisfy your every craving.

You can’t go wrong with gifting someone Chocolateka’s Belgian chocolate covered strawberries and homemade Chamoy Fruit Cup this February 14th. Go to your nearest Chocolateka and ask for their Chocoberry Cup. We promise you won’t regret it.

Laredo has grown to stand out among the rest

by Maria Salas

Much of what makes Laredo unique is its local cuisine. There is a flurry of options available for any kind of craving you might be having. Here at DeLaredo our mission is to provide you with all the latest trends going on in the city of Laredo. We love to showcase local restaurants, artists, talent, and people who are making a difference in the Gateway City. We offer you delicious options for a different night out. Laredo is filled with so much talent and we do what we do because local cuisine, talent, and artistry is important. Laredo has grown to stand out and not fit in. We have a culture all of our own and it is important for us to showcase it.

Taking advantage of dining local is an opportunity that not many can offer. Buying and dining local helps preserve Laredo’s diversity and flavor. Restaurants like Tabernilla, Sushi Madre, El Capataz, or Chocolateka, among others, offer Laredo a unique taste. You cannot find a similar taste elsewhere. No place else has what Laredo offers. Besides, Laredo offers a taste of different cultures. Apart from having some of the best Mexican food of South Texas, there is a multitude of flavors for every palette. Our multiculturality provides citizens and tourists alike a flavor not found anywhere else.

The local restaurants you visit offer you a one of a kind experience. Restaurant owners and chefs are very knowledgeable about what they offer. You get wholesome ingredients from someone who genuinely cares about what you’re consuming. When you buy local, you are supporting our local economy. Dining local helps create jobs and boosts local economy. For example, when you spend $15 in a restaurant, that owner can then take those $15 and spend them at a local coffee shop, the coffee shop owner then turns around and goes to the local farmer’s market. The spending becomes a chain reaction where the money you invest in local businesses stays within the community supporting local services within our city. The money stays in the community instead of it going to buying a new yacht for an already rich businessman.

Buying local helps to support families working hard at what they love to do. Visiting a restaurant from the city and dining from there helps to support a family by helping to pay bills, helping put food on the table and helping to provide for any needs that need to be met. It also helps owners provide for their families and what they need. Whether that be new school uniforms or dance classes, along with supporting local restaurants you are also supporting local talent. It supports them as well as you. You might not know it, but Laredo is brimming with undiscovered talent. Laredo has so much potential and the talent within the heart of the city speaks volumes as to what the city can grow to become. Laredo has a lot to offer not just with food, but with art and music as well.

Dining local isn’t just about spending a little extra for a great meal. It is going the extra mile to keep investing in delicious restaurants and local families that help Laredo remain vibrant, diverse, and fun. We at DeLaredo encourage you to visit a local restaurant and take a chance on investing in it; you will not regret it.


Taking advantage of dining local is an opportunity that not many can offer. Buying and dining local helps preserve Laredo’s diversity and flavor. Restaurants like Tabernilla, Sushi Madre, El Capataz, or Chocolateka, among others, offer Laredo a unique taste.

Discovering Laredo One Plate At A Time

by Mariajose Mendiola for @LaredoEats

What can I say, 2017 was really good to me! It brought us lots of new and delicious places to go eat at, which meant I got to try more food. Not only that, but this is the year Laredo Eats became part of the DeLaredo Squad! (#squadgoals!) In this piece, I will be talking about my top 4 foodie posts, and coincidentally, these places also happen to have opened in the year of 2017!

First of all, who was on that all-carb diet? I went on an Italian venture just north of Laredo at Trattoria Mia. This Restaurant has delicious pasta dishes made from scratch and you know we had to get that pizza to share. I mean, it’s almost a crime if you don’t order a pizza at an Italian restaurant, am I right? It was “delizioso!”

Next, those hot days of 2017 brought us a delicious treat that helped us stay “Cool for the Summer” at Bubble Waffle. The name is pretty self explanatory, i had the yummy bubble waffle cones with scoops of ice cream and toppings. The combination of bubble waffle with ice-cream was just ridiculously amazing, it’s not only because i have a sweet tooth, but because it makes such a great dessert!

Who else loves food trucks? There’s a beer garden and music all in the same spot! We went to the Cultura beer garden to jam out to some good music, have a cold beer, but most importantly, try the awesome food there. We loved the loaded Mexican Hotdog and Chile Relleno Balls from “Clementine’s Food Truck!” We didn’t want this heavenly experience to end.

Last but not least, we had brunch at Anise Kitchen + Market! Life really is good after you get to enjoy some good food and company. We had the steak & eggs and the Eggs Benny from their brunch menu, and we devoured every bite! Gave us a full tummy and the perfect amount of energy to start the day, especially with freshly made iced coffee!

Thank you,”Laredo Eaters” for supporting me and our local foodie spots! Also, this year was so great I just can’t wait for what 2018 has in store. I’m hoping it’s more places like the ones I have posted. Nom Nom. A-DI-OS 2017, HELLO 2018!



A Taste of Spain in Laredo

by Maria Salas

Located at the expanding and fast-growing hub of Bob Bullock Loop, there sits an out-of-the-box restaurant-bar offering Laredo a unique dining experience. A chorus of laughter and an unforgettable pattern of Moroccan tile welcome you the moment you walk into Tabernilla.

At the heart of this restaurant-bar, there lies traditional Spanish cuisine paired with the perfect atmosphere to hangout and have a good time with friends.

Chef and owner Roberto “Bobby” Gonzalez is a native Laredoan who graduated with a Culinary Arts degree from New England Culinary Institute in 1999 after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Promotion and Computer Science from Depaul University in 1997. He immersed himself in different culinary experiences learning through traveling and working with different chefs in Spain. It was these experiences that transformed his palette into one that inspired him to bring something different to the Gateway City.

From the moment Tabernilla opened in January of 2015, Bobby has put a lot of thought into offering Laredo as authentic of a Spanish experience as possible. A variety of ingredients are imported specifically from Spain to offer an immersive experience to his customers. He imports Spanish chorizo, cured meats, cheeses, olives and the olive oil used for cooking. Tabernilla also has a big selection of Brandi, gin, sherry wine, and vermouth. All of which are very popular among Spaniards and Laredoans alike.

And why wouldn’t they be? After all, Laredo has Spanish roots holding on to rich history that goes as far back as the foundation of the city. It is only fitting that Tabernilla found its niche in this city.

“There’s been a lot of thought put behind the dishes. Getting ingredients from Spain is part of it. Trying to follow flavor profiles and cooking techniques is another part. All of this is done to give people a genuine experience,” Bobby explained.

Tabernilla is a traditional Spanish restaurant catering to the culture of hanging out that is found in Laredo, much like it is in Spain. The restaurant offers tapas, which are finger foods that create casual eating moments with friends. As well as having full-sized entrees if you’re looking for a more relaxed and sit-down meal.

“Aside from [our menu] there exists the social aspect of eating like a Spaniard. Tapas are foods you eat in small amounts; normally when you’re hanging out with people. [My wife and I] liked that whole aspect. That way of eating. It resonated with us and we were reminded of what people here [in Laredo] do. People go out and they like good food, but they go out to hang out. You rarely see people go out alone; it’s not really the norm. Mostly, people go out in groups. Just the fact that people like to do that here really made us think that this might work out,” Bobby described.

Tabernilla caters to just that. You can walk in and enjoy a Spanish wine with a quick bite to eat after a good workout or you can celebrate a special moment by enjoying a full meal surrounded by close family and friends.

Your experience at the restaurant can be what you really want it to be. If you want a real taste of Spain, visit Tabernilla at 7124 Bob Bullock Loop Ste. #101.

Chef and owner Bobby makes an especially large effort to bring to the city a more original experience; From their entrees to their desserts, Tabernilla likes to include local produce as much as possible; Try one of the many delicious cocktails on their menu such as their Gin Martini.

Living in Laredo, one thing is commonly known: it is a city of trends. Some may call it “riding the bandwagon,” and in some way, they are right. In past years, Laredo has been somewhat behind on the nation’s food trends, but nowadays, the city seems to be on par with what customers want. Steak and Mexican food joints are always in demand, but a couple years ago, there came over a craze regarding seafood, and so many eateries catering to that opened up. After that, many discovered the love for sushi, and now, there are a variety of sushi places in Laredo from which to choose from. After that, there also came the food truck fad, and so Laredo now is littered with these increasingly popular dining experiences. Other trends including other exotic foods have taken place, and now, it seems another trend is taking place albeit in a lighter direction.

The newest trend taking over not only Laredo but the nation in general is the inclusion of healthier eatery options. These may come in a variety of shapes and forms, whether they be vegetarian, vegan, organic, or simply just healthier. In a country that is ridden with obesity issues as well as heart disease, it is reassuring knowing that a majority of individuals are opting for healthier lifestyles.

Nowadays, more and more people are staying active and going to the gym. They are reaching for that salad or wrap instead of a burger or pizza, and drinking more water or natural juices instead of soda. Of course, there is nothing wrong with eating a burger every once in a while, but the options for those who lead perhaps a vegetarian lifestyle have been limited, and in some cases, even nonexistent. Of course, we love our tacos and BBQ ribs, so we’ll never give those up, but it is nice knowing that there is something for every kind of lifestyle. In a couple of years, Laredo will surely be able to meet these demands as more and more restaurants open every month in this ever-expanding and ever-changing city. Whatever new trend is heating up social media, we are sure to cover it as well, so keep checking out what’s new in 2018.

Try the new tuna salad at Delicias de la Tierra

January is all about the New Year, and so the theme of the month is “New Year, New You.” What better way to start 2018 than by eating healthier? However, among working, exercising, and life, one may not have the time to cook a delicious but healthy meal. However, the experts at Delicias de la Tierra have got you covered.


This month, the latest addition to the menu is a delicious tuna salad. It is comprised of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, cheese, onion, and drizzled with a teriyaki and olive oil vinaigrette. Of course, the star of the dish is the titular tuna, and it is certainly not just boring old fish. The tuna is lightly seared, and is marinated to perfection, perfectly enveloping the dish in a complementing cocoon of flavor. Within the salad itself is also the popular and delicious spinach dip that has become a fan favorite in the restaurant.


“When you see the plate, it is fairly balanced and complete. It has its portions of vegetables and protein,” says Chef Jimenez. “Even people who don’t like to eat raw fish, they get a different taste with the sear. Both customers and ourselves sometimes get tired of chicken and turkey, so it can become kind of monotonous, so opting for seafood opens up the possibilities to new tastes,” Jimenez adds.


The tuna salad is a great dinner or lunch option, and as with every dish on the menu, you can indulge without guilt as it is designed to be nutritious and low in calories. Some great choices to accompany the dish would be some of the various natural fruit waters made fresh daily. Try their refreshing pineapple and mint water, or play it safe with some always-satisfying lemonade. You can even order the salad with chicken for those who don’t favor seafood, or without the protein in case you’re trying to go meatless. Come on over, take a seat, enjoy the live music, and have nice light meal to start 2018 off right.