Gin Lemonade

by Ashley Salas

How to Combat Life 101: Have you ever wondered what to do if life ever decided to give you lemons? Siete Banderas has the answer! Stop by for a homemade Gin and Lemonade. When times get rough around four o’clock, bartender Israel Bonugli can bring out the sunshine on any cloudy day and not just with his hilarious dad jokes.

As an odd creation and never before seen on a menu, this Bombay included beverage masts masterfully blended with the lemonade itself, bringing you an overpowering joy with every sip. #Happyvibes, amirite? This drink refreshes your mind and turns your worries into bliss in a matter of seconds. Sweet and sour has never made a better pair! A dry gin needs its fresh squeezed lemons and sugar and your jabs to knock out life in one punch. This bittersweet aftertaste awakens the good energy, and after the 99 disappointments the day brought you in the past couple of hours, this won’t be one of them.